Happy Heritage Day

The soil of this land ingrained in the flesh of my feet
The waters of its rivers flow in the cells of my being
Born of the sun and the air that blows through it
Descendant of my roots not originally sprung from her
But mine born and grown deeply in her fertile ground
Allowing me to stand tall as one of her children
Proud in the rhythm and pulse of her great heart
The beating of the drums and stomping of the boots
A vehement call to unite in her protection
The sizzle of meat above open wood flames
A vehement call to come together in her joy
Bountiful in beauty, kind spirits and beautiful people
She is a land to be loved and longed for
– Our home
May we give her to the next generation
Their heritage intact
With a greater beauty and understanding
Healing and filling the holes together
To be the great nation many would deny
For there is much to be celebrated
Much to let the world see

Debbie Gravett © 2020.09.24

FOWC: Vehement
RDP: Hole
Image by Roman Gruchow from Pixabay

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