Corked by Loathing

Sticky hot sweat of a sweltering summer
Dripping under folds of discomfort
Challenged by the icicles hanging from the heart
Freezing in further self-loathing discontent
In the frustration to reconcile
This damaged picture that I’ve built
Surrender to the flow or quit completely
Blur into the same indistinguishable blob
Resignation to the loss of hope
Care fleeing like a flock of pigeons
Or a murder of crows
Stealing all that is shiny and promising
The void a dark well beckoning
Easy to fall into
Tempting to remain
Give up
To remain the ample stopper
Plugging up possibility and dreams
Unbelievably waiting to gush forth
But surely not for me

Debbie Gravett © 2020.09.20

FOWC: Reconcile
RDP: Frustration
Image by Александра Туркина from Pixabay

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