Begin Again New Moon

Who sang the song
Who wrote the lyrics
Is there a new tune to be sung
The moon is vanished
A mere sliver of its glory
It is time for introspection
To find my melody of heart
The one that makes me happy
Gives life to these limbs of mine
Reveal the footprint of my dance
Luna new I begin again
Intention clear as dark night sky
Twinkling beacons of hope
For a bright tomorrow
Left with the remains
Of the unnecessary things
That haunt my living dreams
Wail and whine the whole day long
Replace with harmonious strain
To wash clear in another month
When more notes have gone astray

Debbie Gravett © 2020.09.17

FOWC: Introspection
RDP: Footprint
Image by Matteo Bergamo from Pixabay

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