Body Speak

Bars of melted chocolate steel
Doors of hardened sugar frosting
Cage of dripping treacle cravings
Not the house of wicked fairy tales
Candy cane swords battle carrot sticks
In the focus of my knowledge
Flesh enters the furious fray
Fighting to unwrap from carb coverings
Or weighted armed accompaniments
Worn out by this continued conflict
I’m too exhausted to resist
These temptresses of saccharine lust
Nor the pillows of wheaty ecstasy
Melted butter softly coats my tongue
I can no longer speak in clarity
Of health, or musts, or should
For my brain is shrouded by a cloud
Mist of spun crystal cotton
Wraps and suffocates my thoughts
Noise of well-meaning advice
Drowned out by unfed longing
Filled only but an hour ago
For these chemical demons wail
Silencing the one that I should listen to
Voice of my body, cells and atoms all
Long lost connection with its whispers
But soon it shall begin to shout
In the only language that I’ve come to understand
The one of ill, discomfort and disease
I’ll have to reconnect and listen carefully
Should I wish to avoid the scourge of these

Debbie Gravett © 2020.09.13

FOWC: Cage
RDP: Exhausted
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

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