Releasing Circular Lessons

Circle circle round about
Somewhere here and there out and out
Journey cycle spiral cycle
Unknown destiny destiny unfound
Wonder where or where to wander
Ground our feet onto the ground
Tether us into the earth
Mind to gather stray clouds together
Make of them coherent straight
Pointed in direction right
Right or wrong it doesn’t matter
Purpose to the lack of purpose
Purpose to each move we’ve made
Reminiscence, recall and then regret
Travel on the round-about again
For this to be forgot forget
Release to wind and water
Water wash and wind blow free
The dust and gritty grainy sand
Attachment to the orb we’ve circled
Self-flagellation whipping our own back
Pointless replay of life’s replay
Let it go from hand and heart hand it go
Delve it through and handle it
Clear the clouds from our heads
Remove the rotten parts rotted dead
Of no more use we’ve learned from them
No longer circle circle round and round
We’re heading up if just one flight
Flight in possibility to work it out
Out of the rut and into new
The floor we’ve reached newly full
We’ll work it all through and through
Because we can we’re made for this
To deal with all we are, are all we deal
Grow and be the best we’ve ever been
Fresh and clean and glowing true

Debbie Gravett © 2020.08.25

FOWC: Somewhere
RDP: Cycle
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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