After a Break

I took but just a little pause
My soul to breathe above suffocation
But coming back has been a chore
For little seems as it was before
Faded to the darkest shade of grey
Just shy of total disappearance
Forgotten fast without my presence
A finished character in an ended story
Gossamer existence in real life
Rubbed gold leaf to invisible dust
Fairytale of my ideal imaginings
It’s time I took you steadfast hold
And brought you to my reality
Not to wipe you out as just my dreams
To make you true to my very being
For though you might not see me now
It’s mine I’m living not for you
This break has taught me stuff
My deepest inhale has another cause
To exhale magic that is not yours
For this is mine, for me and I
The clock has struck my time
To be that which I wish
Smiling in the mirror bright
For I am all that needs to see and know
My life is like it’s meant to be
For I am one who makes it so

Debbie Gravett © 2020.08.23

FOWC: Character
RDP: Pause
Image by Twinkle Arora from Pixabay

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