Behind Friendship

Like the jester in the centre of the court
I bobble the details of my life
Not for the amusement of others
But from the hands of a deep uncertainty
Etched in the grain of my flesh
The whispers louder that I wish
I hear all too clearly your mockery
Hidden behind the palms of friendship
The little faith I had left crumbling

But I am the most fortunate one
Lucky beyond what I feel deserving of
For I have someone to catch me
More that only that one
They remind me of my incredible strength
Of all that I have accomplished
Instead of what I’ve done wrong
These are ones I’m blessed to call friends
The ones who don’t just say it

Debbie Gravett © 2020.08.10

FOWC: Catch
RDP: Bobble
Image by florentiabuckingham from Pixabay

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