Believer Unseen Dreamer

Short on science
The tangible proof
Perhaps a nefelibata
I am lost in dreaming
You are the cynical anchor
Weighing my imagination
Questioning fantasy
No possibility
For journeys of fancy
Perhaps we can’t be
Travelling companions
In a world you see
As black and white
And I smudge the lines
Of beautiful greys
The answers aren’t all visible
Sometimes you have to listen
To the whispers of the unseen
A point that we can’t debate
Can’t disagree on
Because my belief
Is crazy to you
We orbit different truths
And you need to convert me
But I’ll respect you

Debbie Gravett © 2020.07.22

FOWC: Cynical
RDP: Nefelibata
Image by Trandoshan from Pixabay

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