Let Them Know You

They know not who you are
Not by any fault of their own
But by your pretence of character
Masquerade without a ball
For you have strained much
To be whom you thought
They wanted you to be
Dancing to their tunes
The one that they would love
The one they would be friend to
The dependable one always
Though you sacrificed yourself
Relinquished your power
Of being the most amazing you
Because you were afraid
That they wouldn’t like that person
But perhaps…
They weren’t supposed to
Nearly lost to the world
Come back…
And introduce them
To the magnificence
Of the true and real you
Those who are meant
Will love you anyway
And they will stay

Debbie Gravett © 2020.07.16

FOWC: Nearly
RDP: Dancing
Image by Jay George from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Let Them Know You

  1. When I was in elementary school, I tried to be super quiet all the time because that’s what I thought teachers liked. Plus, I was naturally shy. But I hardly showed any personality at all. After having worked for several years as a math tutor for children, I have learned that, though the quiet students are easy to work with, some of my favorite students are the more talkative ones (they are more fun!). In fact, the ones that are always very quiet and studious are the ones I get kind of concerned about!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is nothing wrong with being quiet, if that is your nature, but children and adults need to be made to feel comfortable enough to be themselves. We’re not on earth to please everyone else.
      Have a fantastic day being you and thanks for engaging in a chat.


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