Cleaning Scars

Unbind your scars
Unstitch them to the air
With tweezers of consciousness
Pull the shrapnel of the past
The strings of false beliefs
That have imbedded
In the pains of the body
Address each individually
Release the acquired programs
Cut into the flesh with words
Sunk like a splinter
Lodged beneath the skin
Rinse the wound gently
Free now from toxic pus
Constantly oozing obstacles
Into the roots of your mind
Wash out the memories
That hinder progress
Heal now in the sublayers
May your frondescence sprout
Vibrant foundation
For fabulous growth
Stand tall strong majestic tree

Debbie Gravett © 2020.07.09

FOWC: Acquire
RDP: Frondescence
Image by Jens Enemark from Pixabay

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