Hesitantly Handing Over

In the rays of the morning sun
He glimpsed a sliver of an impetuous heart
Peering through a cracking armour
Put way from him for far too long
Feathered tips stroked a glowing cheek
Like a magical wizard of great sorcery
Bring forth the radiant glow of teeth
For a minute she remembered her vow
Recoiled halfway into her beautiful sheath
Slowly he coaxed with gentle reassurance
Strong hands of a promised harbour
Mesmerizing blue pools of an honest soul
Silent pledge that there would be no deceit
With a weak faith that had been run over
She hesitantly took his offered grip
To hold her tight and keep her warm
Tempted to believe she’d found
The elusive happily ever after

Debbie Gravett © 2020.07.07

FOWC: Glimpse
RDP: Impetuous
Image by Юрий Урбан from Pixabay

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