Enough to Stay Aflame

Oh matchstick enkindle me
Burn me to scorching flame
Ignite me with your combustion
But do not wither and wane away
For I to borrow your light
Need you to blaze bright
I wish not to abolish your glow
But be influenced by it
Struck to raise my radiance
That I may be the fire in the sky
Someone to lift a head to
But I can only be torched
Should you have enough
To illuminate your own life
You cannot give it all
If you have not enough
To stay aflame

Debbie Gravett © 2020.06.27

RDP: Enough
FOWC: Abolish
RDP: Fire in the sky
Image by Jenő Szabó from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Enough to Stay Aflame

    1. Thanks. Yes we do, but the person who is helping light or rekindle our inner flame should not be giving all of themselves, they need to burn brightly first. You know, the sacrificing moms and dads and sometimes spouses. We need self-care too or we’re of no use to other people.

      Have a fabulous day.

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