Squeezing Abscesses

Scabs of healing cover my heart
Slowly wearing over wounds
But first I had to lance them
Let the muck pour forth
Squeeze out every drop
Of undesirable infected pain
Dig deeper into the abscesses
Formed by experience and words
Beliefs cut into malleable flesh
Repeatedly imprinted and ingrained
Lest I should stray from programming
Become difficult in challenging
That which others believed true
That which others told me I was
That which others broke down
But now grown I purge toxic thought
Embrace a life that I create
It is no longer anyone’s fault but my own
Because now I choose to let it go
I make the choices for me
Breezy days and hard days
I determine the outcome

Debbie Gravett © 2020.06.03

FOWC: Lance
RDP: Breezy
Image by Fabio Rezende Fabinho from Pixabay

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