Open-air Hospital

Homecoming of the soul
In the great outdoors
Journey to Mother Nature
All the panacea I need
For she is my medication
To that which ails me
My peace in her music
The song of the birds
Gush of the rivers
Sway of tall pine trees
The recharge of my batteries
Barefooted on her green lawn
The sun dabbles on my cheeks
Though gentle and far
Vitamin D infusing
Anti-depressant injection
A welcoming hostess
Nurse providing care
And all I need do
Is open my door
Venture to hers
Visit the forests and plains
Savanah and mountains
Lay hands to the bark
Fingers to the ground
And absorb

Debbie Gravett © 2020.05.30

FOWC: Homecoming
RDP: Outdoors
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “Open-air Hospital

  1. One of the problems of the Covid-19 pandemic is that public health officials have been telling people to stay inside, thus depriving them of sunlight (and the vitamin D that results from it) and fresh air. Durimg the Spanish flu epidemic, hospitals would bring their patients outside specifically to sit in the sun…

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    1. Yes, the lack of sunlight doesn’t help with the already struggling anxiety and depression that people are feeling from being isolated, especially those living alone. I hope that people can find some sunshine and healing soon.
      Thanks for stopping by John. Hope that you are keeping well.

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