Breathing in History

To document the days of history
These events we find unreal
That we are living through
A reference to normalcy
Lost in the pages of the past
I am the journalist of my own life
The news through my eyes
My existence in the now
But one day
Someone will find these scribblings
Musings of an average person
Experiencing absurd things
Our unusual in different reports
Merged to paint our reality
Different in its similarity
Wrapped in angst and fear
Breathed in as a new beginning
A reboot to try and do better
A cleansing, a war, a catastrophe
Blown up, watered down
This moment’s inhale
A varying breath for each
But that is all we ask still to do

Debbie Gravett © 2020.05.24

FOWC: Reference
RDP: Journalist
Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

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