Hiding In My Cave

I got lost in the noise of panic
Stopped listening to the voices I know
The whispers couldn’t shout loud enough
Swept away by the flood of chaos
I forgot to go looking for the silence
To rest in the core of my tranquil centre
For this is where I conquer all
But I’ve done overtime in the world
Inundated with tragic possibilities
Labouring in the talents that I don’t posses
Casting predictions of scary futures
But I am now done with that
I am abruptly recoiling into my cave
Disconnecting from the terror
But connected to the power that fuels me
Not searching for tomorrows answers
But sitting with today’s lessons
Worry not if I don’t reach out for a while
But be sure that I’m doing okay
Busy healing my mind and my spirit
And wishing you all the same
Knowing much love going both ways
Through the doors of my soul

Debbie Gravett © 2020.05.01

RDP: Overtime
FOWC: Inundated
Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

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