How To Get a Wife

FFFC61Ian looked up at the bare trees. His father had tried so hard to teach him how to grow things, but he was hopeless.

His mother passed and his father couldn’t carry on without her and followed a month later. They had provided well for him, but it had taken Ian only six weeks to destroy their work.

Once upon a time a human’s value as a viable partner had rested on the car they drove, the money they earned, the house they lived in, the clothes they wore and the fancy restaurants that they frequented. A date had to be an event of spectacular showing off with preening and prancing, if you wanted a second one. Your list of accomplishments had to be vast and your ambitions plotted. That was before the year of the great pandemic.

The currency of importance and value that one looked for in a life partner after that was security, and the best thing to make someone feel safe was food. Agricultural skills and the ability to feed a family became the most attractive feature of a possible mate. His parents had both been brilliant and had grown more than enough. They had married five years after the world changed.

The larder had enough bottled, dried and preserved food for a year… but then what? He would be alone forever (which wouldn’t last long because he’d starve), unless he developed green fingers… and fast. The few remaining plants were dying.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.04.18

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #61
Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay
Inserted Image by Brainsparker app for iOS

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