In Death

FFFC60These parcels wrapped in Christmas twine held more than takeout food. How was he going to receive me after all these years? Was he even going to talk to me?

My sister-in-law had called. They were at the hospital when my mother lost her battle against the cancer that riddled her whole body. I was grateful for my long visit with her yesterday. There would be no regrets, at least not about my relationship with her. She only wished things could be different.

I couldn’t promise her that. He would not come to the hospital if I was there and if he saw me, he turned around and left. I was hoping the memories of childhood might pierce that stubborn armour.

Fish and chips Fridays with cheese sauce. The good old days when I was part of a family.

The gates opened to the address I’d been given, and I admired the double storey Georgian house in front of me with the luxury car in the driveway. He’d done well for himself.

Hostile anger melted off of his face when he caught sight of the parcels in my arms standing in their foyer. After eighteen years there was hope that my mother could achieve by her death what she had struggled to do in life. Maybe we could be brother and sister again.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.04.09

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #60
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Inserted Image by Sideboard at Instagram

8 thoughts on “In Death

  1. Oh Debbie, you have described exactly my situation with my mother’s death just before Christmas. Well, kind of. I can relate.

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    1. Thanks. This has some of my own truth in it as well. I think estranged family are very common and often people only see each other at deaths or weddings.

      Hope you are keeping safe. Have a fantastic day.

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      1. I guessed it had some of your own truth in it Debbie. My veitger and sister gave come a bit closer to me through my mother’s death,babd, strangely, through this Covid crisis. I keep wondering what my mother would have thought of it and done with it. She wouldn’t have coped as she had COPD. You have a fantastic day too Debbie. As much as possible in this climate anyway.

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