Be Baker and Chef

Recipe cards flutter to the floor
The ingredients all mixed up
Grains of rice scattered
Between snow white crystals of sugar
But the shambles of my life
Bitter and sour, not sweet
All out of balance by wrong measure
The way forward unsure in the mess
The given method for everything gone right
But mine is a pot often boiling
The outcome not what I’d planned
But it is time to eat humble pie
To pick up the pieces that fell
Be contrite for the blame I have dished
And swallow my part in all of this
For I am the baker and chef
In the kitchen of my life
And I the decider of all ingredients
To put them in or leave them out
Time to make the best meal ever
And enjoy all of the tastes just a little bit

Debbie Gravett © 2020.04.07

RDP: Shambles
FOWC: Contrite
Image by Philippe Ramakers from Pixabay

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