Find Yourself, Define Yourself

Not a trivial matter
To combine lives
Join paths of two separates
To head in a similar direction
Still individual, but together
The ultimate test of trust
But this event all too often
Confused with
Relinquishing of self
Becoming half
Only a part
Of so AND so
Identity lines smudge
Blur with time
Until they vanish completely
Defined by labels
Someone’s parent
A partner or spouse
Employee or number
The great individual dreamed of
Lost to roles and responsibilities
Sacrificed to the needs of others

Cause a ruckus
Change the plan
Stir the pot and rock the boat
Find yourself
Be yourself
Define your boundaries
With the confidence and wisdom
Of your importance
Your value, your worth
Do you
And those that belong
Will stay
Will follow
And those that don’t
Were only for a time

Debbie Gravett © 2020.03.09

RDP: Trust
FOWC: Combine
Image by Evren Ozdemir from Pixabay

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