In These Arms

She walked through the forest of bare trees, an eerie whispering beckoned her into the mist. She’d lost her car keys in the blanket of orange leaves where they had rolled around.

It didn’t look so creepy before, but now on her own she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

The wind gave a soft wail and she thought she heard a voice tell her to come closer. She had to follow it because it came from where they had been. Like most guys he’d had somewhere better to be and left her to find her own way.

“Nearly there,” the trees encouraged.

She stopped a moment to silence the cracking of leaves beneath her feet. No other sound was forthcoming. She continued.

“Towards the rock,” it drifted to her on the fog.

She would have called a taxi and left the damn car if there was cell reception. As she came closer to the rock, certain that she’d lost her mind a glint caught her eye. She found them. Hurrying she picked them up and turned to run.

“Not so fast, you haven’t said a proper thank-you.”

Before she got more than a few feet, arms wrapped around her and he whispered in her ear, “Did you really think that I’d leave you alone out here?”

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.02.19

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #53
Main Image by Serhii Chernetskyi from Pixabay
Inserted Image by OnHorizon at

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