Marrow From the Bone

I think there was a blunder
A real bad mistake
When I chose this life
That I’m now forced to live
My soul understood the deal
The contract for lessons and experience
But I was hoping
Like many others that I know
Struggles and difficulties
Would be a little more scarce
Than these that constantly
Plague my everyday living
Dragging me through the rough
Stumbling and bumbling
To figure out
What I’m supposed to be learning this time
Wondering why me
Until I changed the tune of my whine
To pull the marrow from the bones
That I’m picking on
Knowing that I’m growing
From the new perspective
Of asking how it gets better than this
Challenging the Universe
To show me how good it can get

Debbie Gravett © 2020.01.28

RDP: Blunder
FOWC: Scarce
Image by Stefan Glazer from Pixabay

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