Value Me

Deceptive chicanery of my heart
To allow you to pass through
The restrictive gates of requirement
That it may offer up excuses
To permit you to bypass
My own stringent criterion
That you are ushered in
Welcomed warmly with open arms
Beyond logic and reason
That my eyes no longer see
Flaws or affronts
Your charm warming me
But the true test of your authenticity
That cannot circumvent my senses
The sweat on your brow
Showing your time and consideration
My poling on your list of priority
Your actions to my importance
To my value
Only this reveals the truth
And only a verdict of my worth
Will grant your continued stay
To the strings of my emotions
To the threads of my soul

Debbie Gravett © 2020.01.08

  RDP: Chicanery
FOWC: Sweat
Image by Agata Mucha from Pixabay

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