And so I Eat

Long seen as mine enemy
Our relationship unhealthy
Bouts of restrictive contact
An illogical hatred
Of you
Of me
Of us
Dependence on your
Fake counterpart
To hold me
Comfort me
Fill me
But it never was about you
Never about feeding me
Never about nourishing me
Open wounds
Old scars
New scratches
It is about raw emotions
That I hide myself from
To feel is painful
And so I eat

Debbie Gravett Β© 2019.12.29

FOWC: Open
Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “And so I Eat

    1. Thank you. I do fight a battle with myself, but it is getting better. Acknowledging that it is emotional is the first step.

      Thanks for stopping by and your feedback.


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