Not Feeling It

Magical words have run away from me
Pretty pictures no longer paint in my mind
The poetry is simple speaking of ideas
Nothing musical or utterly sublime
All the sugar and wheat of the festive season
Thrown a cloud of haze over neurons and synapses
Over the clarity of thought that I need
To create wonder and tingles in the soul
Have I run out of things to say?
I can explore all theoretical posings
Of how to write this poetry
But unless I can feel it in the marrow of my bones
The attempt is futile to spew these phrases
Mixed feelings of whether to continue
Or take a break from my murmuring and muttering
To clear my head and rest

Debbie Gravett © 2019.12.28

RDP: Mixed Feelings
FOWC: Theoretical
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “Not Feeling It

    1. Most days I can manage to write something for the 2 prompts I follow regularly, but for a while it has been like pulling teeth. I haven’t felt especially poetic or motivated, although I’ve done it anyway.
      Today I’m feeling it again.
      Nature and introspection are both great muse.


  1. I have a love of photography so when unable to find words, I just share my images. That helps a lot. And the occasional recipe. Give your soul a rest and it will be renewed. Hugs!

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