Help Yourself

FFFC45 My tongue was as parched as the desert and I lifted my chin and saw two blurry silhouettes in the distance. Their footprints in front of my nose told me that they had stepped right over me and carried on walking. The crashing of the waves felt like they were pounding against my head.

I lay on my belly, golden flecks of silt stuck to my face and lips. My legs wouldn’t cooperate with my desire to move them. I slid my hands over my ears, trying to escape the noise, but it was coming from inside my skull.

Familiar voices drifted to me in the breeze. I blinked to focus on the shadows. Those were my best friends. My head too heavy to keep up, it dropped with a bump onto the sand. I closed my eyes trying to remember what had happened. Why were they leaving me here?

I sighed and the wind caught my breath and blew up my nostrils. The smell of rum yanked at my memory. I couldn’t remember the number of bottles, but their warning echoed between my throbbing temples.

We can’t help you, if you won’t help yourself.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.12.23

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #45
Inserted Image Brainsparker app
Main Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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