Have Fun

Childhood excitement barrels through the door
But the years have made you forget what it is
With the daily trudge on the stage of life
Taking all that is in you just to get through
Drops of joy are few and far between
Sadness a regular flood
In place of a pool of sparkling water of fun
A swamp of difficult and struggle to fight
The purpose of life a distant memory, the dream
Though the hardships don’t fade away
Add one little thing to your aquatic pond of existing
An hour of something you enjoy
Half if that is too much for your mind to sacrifice
Start small
But continue
Simple things, creative things
Things that make you come alive
Don’t just live it
Start to love it
Little by little

Debbie Gravett © 2019.12.07

FOWC: Stage
RDP: Excitement
Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

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