Joy Preserved

I shy away from your BECAUSE of it all
Explanation or excuse my ears cringe
Responsibility a chore on the shoulders of others
Blame to be laid at the soles of their feet
Winter winds bluster in, leaving icicles in my veins
Run cold at the thought of your excessive words
Brave chest of honour cowered behind a pointing finger
Those same fingers greedy when accolades are being given
Claiming what is not rightfully theirs
With no shame or embarrassment of wrongdoing
From the space of my heart I send love
For the growing that you still need
Anger and rage and indignation would only steal my joy
I will not indulge in them
I will not waste my time

Debbie Gravett © 2019.11.29

RDP: Winter
FOWC: Because
Image by David Samuel from Pixabay

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