The days of hobbyhorse riding disappeared into the sunset
More years spun around our orb of burning warmth and light
An intricate complicated web of responsibilities and obligations
Snared by the expected societal requirements of adult living
That golden milestone age our childhood self coveted reaching
No longer the magical prize that it once seemed, now attained
The energy and sparkle of life drained one year at a time
Bled dry to a bleak and purposeless existence of breathing
For the wretched, resented, unfulfilled benefit of others
A hollow cracked shell of the brilliant, vibrant, joyful child
Waiting for a white knight upon his steed with a magic wand
To whisk you to Utopia or wave all your troubles into extinction
Save you from the unbearable challenges of your life


They are not coming

But you can find that fantastical being of fantasy, Pegasus
If you harness the long-lost glitter and excitement of childhood
Not to fly off into the sunset and escape what is your current reality
But to add adventure and fun and discover meaning
To allow for wishing on dandelion and dreams of dragons and fay
All that in fairy tales and books you put down many moons ago
Find them in the reflection on the shimmering water of the pond
Find them in the sacred particles of your wonderous soul
Be your hero

Debbie Gravett © 2019.11.26

RDP: Hobbyhorse
FOWC: Harness
Image by yabadene belkacem from Pixabay

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