Where Did They Go?

TRIGGER WARNING – death, grief and loss

FFFC36They were a motley crew, Dobby, Fluff and Scruffy. Black and white, cream and beige. Their fur wasn’t as soft as it once was, and the rain had washed them out.

They waited for Bailey to fetch them. Dad had called her to go for a ride with him to get ice-cream the last time they had seen her.

The blue plastic of their seat got hot in the sun and had faded and the vegetation around them had grown a bit unruly. This part of the garden wasn’t visited often, but they trusted that their playmate would be back soon. Counting wasn’t one of their better talents, but the sun seemed to have sunk and risen many times since they’d seen her.

Suddenly they caught sight of mom. They tried to shout, but she didn’t hear them. Only children’s ears could pick up the pitch of their voices. She was walking past and then when she saw them she made a slow path towards them, her mouth down and her eyes dull.

“Oh my word! I wondered where you’d gotten to. You’ve been sitting out here for a whole year today,” she cried, picking all three up at once, a tear trickled down her cheek, followed by another. She hugged them to her eyes and took them to the washing machine.

Once they were clean mom sat them on her dresser. She kissed them every morning and talked to them. Often she would cuddle with them on the bed with their soft coats catching her tears, but she never explained where dad and Bailey were.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.10.20

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #36
Inserted image by Fandango at fivedotoh.com
Main Image by Carrie Z from Pixabay

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