My Mirror

FFFC35 “Time to get up. I can’t believe you’re sleeping until 11 every morning. Don’t you have any ambition in life? You are so lazy.” I almost bit my tongue at those last words of my tirade.

Staring into my daughter’s eyes as she lifted her head from the pillow, I swallowed hard. I couldn’t let her see the dawning of realization on my face, so as she stretched and yawned I turned and stomped out of her bedroom while she grumbled some indecipherable complaint I’m sure I’d heard a thousand times before. This had become our morning routine and I felt disrespected at the disregard for the rules I was trying to establish.

Being home-schooled she didn’t have to be up early, but I did require her to get a certain amount of learning done every day. She chose to do it in the later hours of the day, and this had become annoying. Fear of her falling behind an invisible goal post woke the monster every morning I checked the clock and knew that she was still languishing in bed.

I was up from six thirty, but today’s chewing out session had let me see that she is just a mirror. If there wasn’t a possibility that I’d be locked up in an institute, I should be shouting at myself. I was the one who had become lazy. Waking early didn’t mean anything if you weren’t getting things done.

It was myself I was angry at for letting my life become this… this unproductive, meaningless continuous mash of days and my daughter was reflecting it back at me. I had to change what I was doing.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.10.07

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #35
Main image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay
Inserted image by mirceaianc at

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