Freedom Rumbles

I inspected the building. Roofing was missing in one spot and the floor was hard cement. Maybe I could use some of the foliage to make it softer. The far corners looked like a place that would keep me dry.

I’d have to find something to burn to keep warm if I was still here when winter came. Thankfully I didn’t have any valuables that the graffiti artists who used the walls as a canvas might want, and if they were like everyone else in my life, they wouldn’t want me either, so I’d be safe. A few self-defence moves that my brother had taught me before he died came to mind – just in case.

I stared at the blue sky through the gaps and then the grey walls with little bits of story scribbled all over them. I had lived in the radiance of sunshine once. I had no idea how to get back there. I wasn’t even sure how I got here.

Feeling the pain as I limped further into the space reminded me. I chose to have faith in what was too good to be true. My brother tried to warn me that you don’t get anything for nothing in this life. His wisdom was no match for my youthful stupidity, but his sacrifice set me free.

My rumbling stomach complained that it was just a pity freedom didn’t come with a bed and food.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.10.06

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #34
Image by Michael Gaida at

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