Book of Answers

It looked like any old book, but the labyrinth on the cover was the key.

Melody opened the buckles that held it shut, expecting to find the secret to life in its pages. She was sorely disappointed to find her grandmother’s journal was blank. Paging through it she could not believe that the book she had seen Nan write in every day, until the day she died was empty. Was there a replica?

Mystical energy oozed from the hemp sheets protected between the strong bronze cover calling for a pen. She closed it, the heavy jacket thudding into place. As her fingers traced the raised 3D maze her legs pushed up and sent her in search of a writing implement. Any would do, because there was a sudden burning need for her to add ink to the pages.

Over the remainder of her life the secrets she had expected were revealed in her unconscious scribbles of what her soul always knew as she navigated the paths of her existence. She had all the answers, it was just a matter of discovering them.

After her death her son started the cycle again on the magically barren canvas.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.10.01

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #33
Image by alexlibris999 at

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