Empty Education

The long-empty pigeonholes held many stories in the far reaches of their memories. Messages of births, awards, certificates, adventures and the final payslips. All the goings on of a place of learning that had once represented something important. They had belonged to dedicated individuals who were passionate about building and educating the next generation.

This was before the changes. Forced to move struggling children along to more struggles and inevitable failure without proper foundations, to simplify an already basic curriculum to create robots who did not question or think for themselves.

Now only dust wandered these halls and the streets were filled with rebellious adults protesting their domination but lacking the necessary skills to intelligently implement an effective overthrow. Their children receiving no instruction and making the cycle worse.

Except for a small group who had never believed in the government driven mind manipulation of school to keep the population uneducated so that they would continue to vote them into power. These underground teachers were building an army of free thinkers wise enough to spread knowledge and bring life and love to these places once again, but in a new format. To share the power.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.09.20

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #32
Image by Tama66 at Pixabay.com

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