Extreme Measures

Everybody from her best friend, her co-workers and even her family had told her that she was stretching beyond her capabilities.

“We should all have dreams dear, but you need to be realistic too,” her mother had advised.

Wow! Indra had thought she would get support from her parents, but her father hadn’t been much better either.

“You know we can’t loan you any money,” he had told her when she excitedly told of her plans.

“I can try and keep your vacancy open, but only for a month,” her boss had implied of her impending failure.

Indra had reached much further than she thought possible, and it hadn’t been plain sailing. She had often considered that this was just a dream bubble that was about to pop, and she would be left destitute and hungry.

Her first attempt had popped, and she’d been left listening to a million ‘I told you so’ messages and well-meaning emails with job applications. To her advantage she was stubborn. Her best, and hardest move had been to avoid contact with the doubters. She hadn’t seen or spoken to her friends or family in fifteen months. She had rented a flat and not told them where she was living, gotten a new phone number and stayed off her regular social media.

They had all accepted the anonymous invitation to a new bakery for free coffee and cake. Tomorrow they would tell her how they always knew she would succeed. It would be okay, because she wasn’t affected by people’s words anymore. She knew she could do anything, all she needed was to weed out the negativity.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.09.12

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #31
Image by AFP/Getty Images

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