Not Always Academic

FFFC27Katy smiled as she walked up her path. Her friends were sitting in the window waiting for her. She looked up and down the road to make sure that none of the other kids from school saw them. There was no reason to attract any more ridicule than she already received daily. It wasn’t easy when you weren’t like the others in your class.

The only subject that she enjoyed was art, and she was always in trouble because her marks were low in everything else. Teachers had labelled her a daydreamer and had said that they weren’t expecting her to amount to much.

“Katy,” her parents would complain, “there is no money to be made in painting or drawing pictures or playing with your dolls and their hair. You need to apply yourself to your lessons of maths, English and the sciences. That is the only way you will make a life for yourself, unless we can find you a husband who is wealthy enough to take care of you and those are scarce and in high demand. You will have to take better care of yourself to catch one of them.”

Katy was disgusted by this thought. I don’t need a husband to take care of me, I am quite capable of doing it myself.

“Look, look, it is Katy,” shouted her old classmates watching the TV as they gathered together in their little town many years later.

“I have the pleasure of speaking to renowned hairdresser to the biggest stars of Hollywood, Katherine Sinclair. Welcome.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.08.22

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #27
Main Image by Claudio Terribile from Pixabay
Insert Image by Fandango at

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