Different Sides of the Street

FFFC26The crew of the RustBucket were in trouble. Their engine was on fire, but they couldn’t set her down. This was NewAge territory and they didn’t take kindly to the lower-class touching their pristine grounds.

It was amazing they’d managed to coast this far into their neighbourhood, but they were being watched with eagle eyes. If they dared to drop any lower they were sure to be set upon.

“We’re going to have to flip her to put this fire out,” said Andy hanging out of the door and inspecting the burning rear.

“Are you crazy?” asked his inexperienced co-pilot Jerry.

“Some say I am, but that is a matter of opinion. Here, let me take that stick back.”

“Have you ever done this?” queried a sceptical Jerry.

“Nope. But I have landed in these guy’s back yard before. Have you seen the scars on my back?”

Jerry nodded.

“It’s lucky I made it out alive. They’re not very tolerant of the less fortunate… except one beautiful girl,” Andy’s eyes stared far off into the distance for a minute before he shook himself from his recollections.

Jerry vacated the captain’s seat and strapped himself tightly into his usual spot as onlooker.

“Here goes everything.” Andy’s fingers deftly flew between paddles and switches and the craft lurched and rolled to the left. Just as Jerry relaxed levers went again and over they went to the right. “Have to make sure.”

“It’s out,” confirmed Jerry, monkey gripped to the open doorway watching smoke drift in their wake.

Pity, thought Andy. Perhaps he should stop trying to see Gemma-Lee. The kid wouldn’t have survived the entry fee.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.08.13

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #26
Inset image by Joe Roberts at DeviantArt.com
Main Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay

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