Happy For Me?

“Finally, something good is happening to me. I can see the light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel.”

“That’s nice, but are you sure this deal is legit? You know how many scammers are out there and your track record with attracting bad luck speaks for itself.”

“Wow! I thought you of all people would be happy for me, but instead you’re raining on my parade.”

“I am, but… you know…”

“So you’re going to be that guy?”

“What guy?”

“The ‘but’ guy. Everything is good but… always a ‘but’.”

“That’s not true. I just think that this might be too good to be true. I mean I only got paid half of what they are offering you and…”

“And there it is.”

“There what is?”

“The actual problem. After 20 years of friendship, instead of being supportive and happy for me, you can’t stand the fact that I negotiated a better rate than you.”

“No, no, no…”

“Yes, yes, yes! I was about to lose my house before this came along and you’ve got so much dough you don’t know what to do with it, but you can’t have me out do you. Well thanks for showing your true colours before I invested half my life in our friendship.”

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.08.11

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #25
Image by jplenio at pixabay.com

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