Lighting Yourself

Are you prepared for bloodshed
Should those lines get drawn?
Or perhaps you’ll only spill tears
Not willing to do what it takes
For the saving of one’s own soul
Requires all of these things
Blood, sweat and tears
In abundance must flow
A journey to the centre of yourself
To explore the dark alleys
Secrets we keep from ourselves
Lies we have blinded our eyes to
In coping with the difficulties
Buried in the sands below
Uncovered by a light breeze
To be covered up once more
Now for the arduous task
Examine the corners and caves
Illuminate them in the rays of sun
Burn the grey indecisiveness away
Toil to reach the incandescence of clarity
For in its shine peace you will find

Debbie Gravett © 2019.07.27

FOWC: Spill
RDP: Prepare
Image by Roanne Copin from Pixabay

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