Beware Arrogance

The approaching buzz like a swarm of bees, signalled the arrival of the drones. Armed sentinels seemed a little overkill for a field of cotton. White fluff balls of innocence from the sky, hiding a secret below.

The time for these plants had passed and this would be their last season. The growers were not ready to reveal their replacements. The owners did not want to listen. Due to their education and money they believed they knew better and simple employees did not have anything to contribute to their business other than sweat.

These men and women had worked these lands from young and their parents before them. Between them they knew and operated every part of the farm and office. No one would know if the heads were not there as things carried on seamlessly, but they were not permitted to make any decisions. Their livelihood depended on being heard and keeping with the times so that they could continue to feed their families.

If one looked closely and parted the sea of white teddy bear stuffing, the hemp shoots were just visible. Fertilized by the bones of the more knowing.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.07.24

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #22
Image by DJI-Agras from Pixabay

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