Parenting the Liquid

The others didn’t notice that his glass tilted a little more than theirs, but she did. It was only three o’clock and the first round of champagne to celebrate the day. She knew that this was not HIS first glass of something. There was always one excuse or another as to why he was entitled to indulge, and she hadn’t figured out yet if he was trying to convince himself or her.

“You must be so proud of Julia,” she heard one of the parents say. “How did she manage such remarkable results?”

“She skipped all the college partying and stayed home to study,” his raised voice came to her as he slipped another mint into his mouth.

If only that were the reason she missed out on the fun one was supposed to have before settling down, getting a steady job and becoming responsible. At least she’d gotten it right to educate him on disguising his breath.

“So, have you finally decided what you are going to do with the rest of your life?”

Her monitoring interrupted she took in Adam’s gorgeous smile. He’d been trying to get her to go on a date with him for the last year, but she couldn’t.

“Um… no,” she replied, glancing over his shoulder as her father swayed and blatantly pawed the married woman he was flirting with. She should take him home.

“Maybe now that your studies are finished, you’ll agree to have dinner with me, and we can talk about the millions of offers I’m sure you have.”

Julie blushed. So many girls wanted to date this charming, kind, intelligent man, but he wanted her. Looking thoughtfully at the man who had driven her mother away and turned her into an obligated adult-child at 13, she decided to no longer be the parent.

“Yes Adam, let’s go for dinner tonight,” she said, putting her arm in his and guided him away.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.06.22

FFFC: Challenge #18
Image by Nik

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