Looking Back, Moving Forward

Wistful wishes to years gone by
For the face that features in the photo
Jealous of joyful, carefree youth
Steadfast in direction and dedication
Life lingering long ahead
Now wondering where they have gone
As I putter, or is it procrastinate
With every single step that I need to take
Confidence left on a cloud moons ago
Doubt in every decision I must make
Younger self staring back at me
Goading me to still go after my goals
Never too old to overhaul those dreams
Match them to what I want today
And chase them like a child set free
Running after bubbles and balloons
With glee and glory
In promising possibilities

Debbie Gravett © 2019.05.26

FOWC: Jealous
RDP: Putter
Image by Silvio Zimmermann from Pixabay

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