Hip hip hooray! It’s my anniversary.


Three years ago I decided to share my musings, thoughts and scribbles with strangers on a more regular basis. This was not my first blog, but I became more consistent with my postings (this post will be my 998th) and finding prompts helped a lot. Since then I have connected with people whom I’ve never met, but my soul seems to know them. I am part of a wonderful community who are supportive and encouraging. I want to thank all of you that have taken the time to read what I write and for the comments. They are most appreciated. Here is to many more years.



When first I let my words free
I stalked the page of my screen
Every few minutes checking in again
Quizzical furrows dug into my brow
What made the pieces likeable?
What brought you to my verse?
Would I only appeal to a very few?
For what I shared is not everybody’s
Cup of herbal, black or Rooibos tea
Never mind though that it is poetry
There are stories hidden within
The more tormenting thoughts
Were those of which was not enjoyed
Glossed over or totally ignored
Review and revision of these words
For I wanted readers
For these messages I share
And through these years I have been blessed
For success has been mine
In touching a few other souls
Is what I always wanted to do
And that I get to accomplish
Each and every single day

Debbie Gravett © 2019.05.19

FOWC: Quizzical
RDP: Stalk

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