Powered by Nature

Like haybales, the drums of toxicity lay in the fields surrounding the pollution towers of electricity, protesting. The sky hung black and heavy with waste smothering the horizon. The yellow trefoil marked bins stood sentry, warning any defenders off as they lay siege to the old ways, to replace them with their ‘clean’ nuclear power.

The war to generate the most kilowatts was getting dirty as the operators shovelled the fuel faster. Flames began to flicker as the oxygen levels dropped in their secretion and the lights dimmed. The tin cans smiled at the foreseen downfall of the cloud makers, their future success visible.

Unseen, as these two battled, the obscured sun came to an agreement with the water. They would share in running the world. Both natural and genuinely clean their plan was welcomed with open arms by the humans and Gaia, the mother of Earth.

Sun would shine her eternal rays to be caught and stored in batteries to give homes warmth and illumination and Water would share the energy she created when she fell from her river beds over the edges of cliffs. Wheels would turn. Wind offered a bluster to rotate the fins of turbines winding voltage into a ball like yarn for later use.

Only Fire did not have a place in the new order. She had burned long and now all they needed from her was for her to extinguish herself. She didn’t have the heart, but it didn’t matter, because the resources of her food had been depleted and there was no more for her to eat.

When she devoured the last coal chip and died below the stacks, the blue ceiling returned, and nature won. Fire did live, fed by gas and other fuel, happy to cook and heat homes.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.05.07

FFFC: Challenge #12
Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

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