How I Got Here

FFFC11You might be wondering how I landed up here. Well it is an interesting, if slightly unbelievable story.

I was hired for a treasure hunt. Not one of those 45-minute Easter egg deals. No, that isn’t how billionaires play. This one involved a map and large yacht. I was one of the crew, employed as diving instructor and translator – I speak 8 languages.

We had to follow clues, sailing to different ports and going under water for some of them. Each one told us what to look for next, but we never knew what the final prize was, just that it was priceless. Our captain, and owner of the boat was a good leader. He considered all suggestions to resolve the riddles and treated us all equal.

Five minutes before the 3-month deadline was up, we won the hunt by finding the crown of Nagradamia at the gates to the castle.

The spoils to the victors? Mr Madox, our leader was to become king with the caveat that the crew be his staff as the victory was a team effort.

The country’s royal family had been killed in a plane crash with no successors and they required an intelligent leader who would not be interested in stealing their wealth but growing it and making sound decisions. Thus, the test for the uber rich. They weren’t concerned with the current nationality of the winner, nor their crew.

That is how I became prince and second in line to the throne. Oh sorry, didn’t I tell you that the loaded boss is my dad?

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.05.06

#FFFC: Challenge 11
Main image by Jamie Bonnett from Pixabay
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