Championing Me

Often times I walked away
From the image in the mirror
Not able to love what I saw
Nothing wrong with the picture
Or the person looking back
But I had not learned
To be my own champion
To support myself
Resting my worth, my being
On the opinions of everyone else
Their eyes not always loving
Self-deprecating humour
The vehicle to obviate visible pain
Shaking my receptors continually
Every day I remind myself
Of the wonder that I am
Silence the shouts of arrogance
Knowing them totally untrue
For I must acknowledge my brilliance
Not to you, but to me
To love myself
And be the best that I need me to be
For myself and for me
I stand up, I fight, I put me forward

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.29

FOWC: Obviate
Image by Noupload from Pixabay

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