My Escape

I visited Heaven a little while ago
Crisp air the likes my lungs had never breathed
More oxygen than smog
All the colours vibrant and clean
No tainted haze refracting the brilliance
As I stood in the shadow of majestic mountains
This bucolic haven healing for my soul
I longed to stay more than mere days
Hide out from the throngs of humanity
That populate our city lives constantly
Drown thoughts in the bubbles of the brook
Wash clear the soot that weighs me down
Disconnect sparks of neurons firing
In response to demanding accessibility
To live a little more simply
For the benefit of my fading sanity
In the world of eternal vigilance and agility

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.28

FOWC: Bucolic
Image by Debbie Gravett

2 thoughts on “My Escape

    1. Thanks. The word made me think of this place that we went to last year that I would have loved to stay at for a few months and just write. Makes me want to go back again. The picture doesn’t capture half the beauty the my soul felt.

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