What We Did

David and Gemma walked away from the explosion, satisfied. They headed for the dome, gas masks keeping them breathing.

“It is done,” they announced to the six boys who greeted them as they exited the decontamination chamber. Strong young men hand-picked to build and help repopulate New Earth with superior DNA.

Gemma fanned herself. Although their man-made protection habitat was climate controlled and ventilated it couldn’t help her struggle with the change. She was very grateful to be nearing the end of these uncomfortable symptoms. It was worth being a woman, to have brought her two daughters -perfect human specimens – into the world, but it included a lot of sacrifices and suffering. She didn’t mind any more because everything was going to be perfect.

“Where are Edan and Payten?” she asked, surprised by their absence.

The boys were all suddenly avoiding eye contact with David and Gemma. Most took a step backwards.

“Well? Where are the girls?” David prompted.

“Um… we thought they were with you,” the closest nineteen-year-old sperm donor said. “They followed when you left, saying that they wanted to be part of changing history.”

Gemma gasped and collapsed to the floor in hysterics. The temperature became icy as the realization settled on the others. These eight would be the last people to exist on earth. They had just killed the two woman who should have birthed the perfect civilization, along with anyone else capable of creating and carrying new human life.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.23

FFFC: Challenge #10
Image by Mrs-White at DeviantArt.com

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