Slippery Slope

Trying to focus on writing a short story for a challenge that is due tomorrow and I am finding many ‘OTHER’ things to do, including writing poetry. Procrastination has no consideration for priorities. Concentration is a slippery slope that I slide into a panic of half productivity to get the job done. Not something I enjoy, but I fight with it all the time. I think the cause might be the self-doubt of what I produce being good enough. I need to adopt the attitude of ‘Just do it!’ and I do, EVENTUALLY. But then I feel that I don’t do it to the best of my ability due to the time I’ve lost.

My concentration slides
Well-oiled in avoidance
Of the task at hand
Too slippery to hold focus
Practiced in this art
Of dodging the priority
My mind does not understand
For I want to do this
Achieve the status of complete
But something lurking
A seasoned detractor
From the goals that I have
Pulls me away constantly
To arbitrary consumers
Of my limited time
Clogging the path of progress
Forcing a mad rush
For the final finishing line

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.23

Image by A_Different_Perspective from Pixabay

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