Black Bits and Grey

Sometimes poems come to me that have nothing to do with my life. It is almost like I’m taking dictation. This was one such piece of writing today. I don’t always agree entirely with the words, but feel that someone needs to hear them for however they interpret it. Enjoy.

In the arms of a stranger
I could be someone else
It wasn’t that I didn’t love you
Just that I didn’t like me
How to fix it with you
I didn’t know where to start
You knew me from when
I discovered my heart
All the black bits and the grey
The torn shreds and fray
Now completely broken
Because I broke yours too
Didn’t meant to hurt you
But didn’t know any better
A poor place to begin from
When love isn’t something
I relate to myself
But now there are no excuses
There never really were
I made this irresponsible choice
That has led to destruction
Knowing all this about me
How could I love what I am?
Journey to healing got a little longer
But not an impossible feat
First to forgive myself for my mistakes
Not a monster, a mere human
Fallen from non-existent perfection

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.22

Image by Nathan Wright from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Black Bits and Grey

  1. I would like for every survivor of domestic violence to read this poem, mainly for the ending of healing. Healing does take time, but it will come when we start to value ourselves and know we are worthy of real love. Wonderful post.

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